How to I filter and display only one line based on a property (text) for a module



How do I filter this module to display only the first occurrence of PR No (4th column).

PR No is text and its  derived from using formula LEFT (PR List, 😎

PR List  (the 1st column) is a composite list with  material  as a parent

Is there any way I can rank the lines with same  PR Number (4th column) and filter to show only those lines ranked as 1 



This is what I am trying to do... in the dashboard  below (see first table) PR No 11943887 should only be shown once as a line

When the user select that line, another module i.e. the bottom  table will display the many lines of PR 11943887 (eg 11943887-10-00, 11943887-20-00, 11943887-30-00 etc). with other details


The first table in dashboard is published from the module that I am trying to rank and filter without much success, 






Best Answers

  • KirillKuznetsov


    Have you tried ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE() function. This formula will show you each first line of a selected property of a list. You can also make more complex selection if you need to show first occurence of each company (for example). Then you can concatenate the property with any necessary criteria(s) and use the resulting string as a driver for the function.

    To know more about that please check Anapedia:

  • KirillKuznetsov
    Happy to help. You don't have to generate list for ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE() to work. This function is actually commonly used for generating list from a flat file. Best Practices suggest that. Using it in a filter will remove duplicates from your view for list items generation. And your action won't return key duplication error.


  • Issac

    To select object properties, use the Property parameter. ... suffix to the base names of text files that have the read-only attribute and then displays.



  • Hmmmm.... sorry i think thats not what i am trying to achieve..which is filter 4th column of the module which is text format to display first occurrence only
  • ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE only works if only the PR No (4th column) is list.

    Which PR No is not.



  • Oh...wait... I must have made an error in my formula in my earlier tries.. FIRSTOCCURENCE does work.....

    Formula =FIRSTOCCURENCE(PR No,PR List)