L2 - Sprint 2 : Activity Create Line Chart Saved View


Hi, Create Line Chart Saved View 

In the Supply Chain model: 

Module: DEM03 Demand Forecast

Saved View Name: Line Chart 

    • Chart should show monthly Baseline Forecast and Initial Demand Forecast for two years.

Please help to do this activity. In my DEM03 Demand Forecast module Initial Demand Forecast and Baseline Forecast is 0. I'm attaching the screenshot. 


  • @akssaju 


    It looks like that your module dimensions are different than the line item dimensions. 


    Also can you share what formulae have you written in these lines that will help us understand where you might have gone wrong



  • I only have formula for Growth Rate%. Attaching the screenshot.

  • I think you picked the product group " That's a Fine Howdy Do!" (not a product i.e. "That's a Fine Howdy Do_EN") from your first screenshot

  • Also you will need formulas for all the four line items