Retrieve Line Item Formula from Anaplan with Python VS Code



I have been able to connect Python/VS Code to my Anaplan model. The information I am trying to retrieve is the formulas in each line item. This will help make it more readable. Does anyone have a python code example to get this data from an Anaplan model?

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  • Not available as part of any publicly advertised endpoint that I know of, but I'd love to be told I'm wrong!


    Next best thing that you could do is, save an export action in your model that will export the entire blueprint. Since the combo of Module name and Line Item name are unique (and both are present in the blueprint extract), you should be able to then link up the formula to each module/line item ID. 


    Just be aware that any specific "line item formula" (via line item subset, and adding version formula to a line item) won't appear in this blueprint export. 

  • Oh ****. I have built some great work on other planning tool with python and jupyter notebooks. Tracking user logging trend, track data change large values, audit queries, and model health check that were automated. Maybe in the future? Please!!!!

  • Awesome - just tested it out and it's very detailed. 


    One thing that I do realise is still missing though is the "Version Formula" that you can add onto items within a Line Item Subset - but these are quite rare anyway. Couldn't figure out a way to return that formula. 

  • Yeah I agree. Still a lot missing from the API. I might have missed it but it appears Anaplan skipped adding all the Module info. Looks like you can't pull module cell count as an example.