Updating Lists on Transaction Data Import


Colleagues, hi!


I'm seeking your advice on the following case: on a weekly basis, there will be a transaction file with the unique "purpose of payment" texts for each transaction and potentially new suppliers that don't exist in Anaplan list yet.

How can we achieve automatic update of supplier list upon import and having information on "purpose of payment" without preparing lists in advance?

Basically, load transactional data which then will be processed in the system


  • @AngrySiberianBear 

    Ideally you should get different feed to update Master Data (in this case Suppliers list). But if there are any reservations from the source to send it separately then you can load the transactional data into Hub and from there you can extract the Suppliers information by creating a saved view for it. You can use this saved view to load the Suppliers list into downstream model. Put this action  into a process and followed by the action which uploads the transactional data into downstream model