Anaplan Model to Model Import with informatica




Can someone explain if it is possible to schedule an Anaplan model to model import with Informatica and where can I find references to understand how that can be achieved.


Any help is appreciated.

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Aakash Sachdeva

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  • obriegr
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    When you are in your Anaplan instance (home page is fine) in the upper left hand corner, there is a drop down in the breadcrumb menu selector.

    You can click on that, Cloudworks should be the last or second to last option. Once you have clicked into the Cloudworks instance, there is a button for Processes and Integration. You can follow the steps either in the guide OR what is on your screen at this time.

    You need no additional software in order to use Cloudworks, unless you are integrating off platform (say to a AWS server). 

    If you run through Process, in short select the Workspace, Select the Model, Select the Action you want to integrate. Then you can schedule it on the right side as seen below:



    The URL I gave you in my previous post is the technical document and you can read all about it. There are more pages to the left hand side of the screen for the technical document.