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Hello Anaplanners,


I am a new member to the 90 day free trial training program and I am looking to expand my knowledge and ultimately my career. I have seen the demand for model builders and it has peaked my interest as a potential foot in the door to the finance industry. Right now I am working in a Supply Chain/Admin role that I am not super interested in. I am glad I am still employed with all that is going on but I am not capable of being content with something I know isn't for me. To give a brief background I am a 2018 grad with a dual concentrated BS in Finance/Business Management. I played football in college so I was not able to intern anywhere all 4 years. After college I was able to continue my football career until summer of 2019 which is when I started my current role. With the fear of being stuck in a career I do not enjoy and fear of becoming complacent I think Anaplan is just the thing for me.


I have some questions as to how am able to get workspace administrator permission if I don't currently use Anaplan in my job now. As well as some general questions with the platform where I should start etc. I am in the process of completing the new user experience but I believe my access is limited.


Any help/advice is greatly appreciated,


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  • Misbah
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    Well, If you are already a member of 90 day program then you already have workspace admin rights and  I would recommend you to start Level 1 training asap.


    Go to and search for Level 1. Post Level 1 completion you can go for Level 2. You are expected to achieve this feat within these 3 months. If you have any queries on Level 1 and Level 2, post them here on community forum, people should be able to help you out.


    Good Luck



  • @amanzolewis 


    I will also say, welcome!  Additionally, I am betting/hoping you will find this much easier on the body than being a fullback.



  • Hahaha I sure hope its not as demanding on my body !! 😂 Thank you for the support I am sure I will be posting here with issues I run into. I completed the new user experience last night to learn some of the basics took 4 pages of notes to look back on while I start the model builder level 1 today. Super excited to take in as much as I can in these 90 days !

  • Thank you for your help Misbah I wasn't 100% sure I had the workspace admin rights so I completed the new user experience instead of wasting time. I am starting level 1 today I appreciate the support !

  • @amanzolewis 


    All good, I am sure you will do great.  As @Misbah stated above, if you have questions, you can post here except on the exam pieces - we would like for you to attempt that on your own.  Other than that, this is a very friendly group always willing to help.