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I am trying to estimate the size of an app before it's build. We do have the number of members in a list that will be used in a module but the numbers of line items that will be build are uncertain. Using Agile Implementation app for size estimation requires us to input the number of line items. However, What is the best method to calculate  the size when the number of line items are unknown?


Does Anaplan suggest any method for size estimation in such a situation?


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  • Misbah
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    It's very difficult to get to that. To me its more of a ball park figure that needs to be communicated to the client.. You are not going to get an exact match because the way agile works. I always wanted to debate on this topic whether we should do the WS estimation as per TAW. 


    For Ball Park Figure : You can check the number of modules, their dimensionality, granularity of the dimensionality etc.


    Hope that helps