"Open Source Module" in UX restricted to Page Builders only?


As per the August 2021 release blog (https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Releases/August-2021-Releases-and-September-Sneak-Peek/ba-p/118347) there is now an option to "Open the source module" directly from a card.


However, this option only appears if the user has Page Builder access - is this intentional, or can it be configured to show for non-Page Builders? 


  • @kevin.cho 


    Honestly, I like this way because I don't have to worry about anything else as far as security is concerned but that doesn't mean it might not be available in near future. So far so good 🙂



  • Even in "Classic" we always turned off the ability to show "Source Module" because there would then be questions about how the line items were working and the data flows when not really important as an end user.

    This is where worksheets come in more useful to show all the detail on that page for end users.

  • @andrewtye 




    Not only the target module. End users used to drill down and then could technically open each and every module that was related to the target module. It was like opening a Pandora's box. Although there was a solution to it but it was adding any benefit to the end user.



  • It's great that you have been able to come to that decision for your implementation and users - in my case, we encourage the users to explore the model and ensure that they are familiar with the inner-workings of it. The question was to understand whether or not the functionality is supposed to be available to non-Page Builders, as there didn't seem to be an indication of this in the release notes.