List Update Behavior - Manually Add an Element vs Import the Element




I have noticed a behavior on the list updates and I am not sure if this is normal, or is it something I am doing wrong.


I have the S2 Supplier list that is updated by users, based on a module, where they enter the name of the supplier and the parent. Next an import action is run to update the S2 Supplier list based on the module.

What I noticed is that if the parent and supplier are identical in the module, then the lines are ignored.


But, if the update is done manually in the list, and I add a supplier with the same name of the parent, it works without any problem.


How is this possible? Am I missing anything?


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Best Answer

  • alexpavel

    @rvoiculet: As strange as it looks, this is the default Anaplan behavior: Adding by using an import action an exact element name/code as an existing element from the Parent hierarchy will always return an error or it will be ignored. 

    The same operation, if done manually, will be accepted by Anaplan. 

    I am not aware of why, but I can confirm that this is how it is the current behavior. 


    The easiest way would be to avoid the possibility to have exact names/codes between Parent Hierarchy and Child Hierarchy. One way would be to concatenate to all the Parent hierarchy elements some prefix/sufix (all elements from "S1 Supplier" to be concatenated with "S1_").  This will ensure that the Parent and Child hierarchy will never have the same elements. 


    If not possible to be avoided, as @Akhtar.shahbaz: it is needed to be found workarounds. One workaround to achieve having the same Name in "S2 Supplier" and "S1 Supplier" is by doing it in 2 steps:


    1. Import action to add the element in "S2 Supplier" by concatenating the prefix "S2_"

    2. Create another import action that removes the prefix "S2_" from Step 1 from the "S2 Supplier" elements.










    Hope it helps