Level 2 Sprint 3 - Add DCA to INV01 Inventory Ordering


Hi Anaplanners,

Can anybody please tell me what is wrong with my INV01 Inventory Ordering Module.

My numbers for Final Shipment Amount and Forecast Demand (Coming from Dem03) don't exactly match the Screenshot in the activity (highlighted in 2nd attachment)


@Misbah @JaredDolich 


  • Mine didn't either, would also like clairifcation. I don't think it was a material discrepency in terms of taking the test etc however.

  • I have the same issue/same numbers as you. I would love to know where I went wrong.

  • Even I have the exact same numbers as you. Tried a lot to find out what have I missed.

  • @Saket2022

    I too was stuck on this for a very long time.
    The info for week 2 is updated while testing in a much earlier stage. As usual, after the test came back successful, even I had undone the changes. But as it turns out, the instructor did not hence the discrepancy. update the forecast demand by manually overriding it and you shall be able to see the required results!