Level 2 Sprint 3


Hi All,

I was facing trouble importing Weekly Order Schedule csv to INV01 Inventory Ordering module. Can somebody please help with the correct mapping. I tried to manipulate the csv file too later on but still did not import (Exhausted all combinations but no luck)


Mapping options attached as screenshots


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    Prior to this screen you would have been greeted with other screen. On that screen you will have to choose Data Header as row 3 and First data row as row 2



  • Hi @Misbah 

    Seems Data Header as row 3 and First data row as row 2 is not possible as both these are interlinked ie If Data Header = 3, it will automatically put First data row = row 4. If I try to change First data row = 2 then Data Header becomes = 1.


    I was able to get around this by removing Submit Purchase Order Request in the csv file and putting at as the last column (Next to Week52 FY 21) hence all headers in the same row and it worked.


    Screenshot attached for people who might run into the same problem!

    You just need to manipulate the excel sheet a little bit 





  • @dhananjay1797 


    Absolutely NOT!


    You should not change the source file. The whole point is to make you understand what should you do when the data row is not the first row in the source file.

    Answer lies in how you set up an import and NOT how you change the source file because in the actual projects that is not even an option. SO, You will have to change the Data Header to 2 , automatically first row changes to 3. And the you can start an import .


    Hope that helps