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I have a module with a list "project" each project is ranked with a line item called "Rank" which uses rank functionality. 

Is there a way i can create a page selector/list which filter the projects based on rank, for example, i create a listitem called "1-5", the module should revert projects ranked in those parameters.

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  • Misbah
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    You need to create a filter and not page selector. Here is what you can do:


    1. Create a Filter module which will be dimensioned by Users and the List
    2. Use the logic to filter the target module. You will have to write IF else statements here
    3. Apply the filter on Target module



  • KirillKuznetsov

    @Sachinsourav02yes,you can.

    You have to add two properties to the filtering items "Ranges" (as "1-5"): Min and Max. Using these two properties you will have to compare them with project items. Create mapping module for this (Project/Ranges).  The comparison result can be used as filter based on list selector.

    In total you will have the following entities:

    Range list

    Project/Range mapping module

    Line item Range selector (no dimensions/user dimension)

    Line items: Range item and Filter (Project dimension)