Level 1 Activity 13.6.5



In activity 13.6.5 of the L1 MB course I am supposed to use Custom Views and use Time to filter such forecast is shown by months and FY totals. In the model view the FY totals show at the end of the year. However, in the Custom Views it is at the beginning. 


Please see attached screenshot.


How do I get the year totals to show at the end of the year. Is deselecting the FY19 and MM19 the correct way to filter?

Thanks for the support.



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  • @Jacob3 


    Think "sorting"

  • @rob_marshall Correction: My apologies it is in the 13.9.3 activity. I am not sure whether your hint still holds or not.


    Once I have selected the custom view as instructed by the course work the sort feature is deactivated.


    I can use the "Hide" and select "Time" and then deactivate like I mentioned before but cannot get the FY20 to move to the end of the year.




  • @Jacob3 


    In the design of the card, click a month and then the "totals" icon.



    Check out the below:






  • @rob_marshall I was able to get the year totals using the reorder icon but not the way you have suggested.


    I was  in the designer view when I did the reorder. But I am not able to do what you have suggested. I am not trying to move the totals from the bottom to the top or vice versa. I wanted the FY20 to show after Dec 20 instead at the beginning -  before Jan 20.

    Sorry if I was not clear.

    Thanks for your help


  • @Jacob3 


    No, you were clear, maybe I wasn't.  Take a look at the below to see if this helps.


    While in the Designer, click on any month, this will put the focus on the Time dimension and choose the fifth icon (Totals Position is displayed when you hover over it).  When you select Before, the totals will be at the beginning.




    If you select After, the totals will be at the end:





    And, you will be able to see a little half blue arrow next to the icon, either going up or down depending on where you want the totals.

    Click Update, then Save, then Publish.


    Hope that helps and is more clear.



  • Hi @rob_marshall  I must be doing something wrong but not sure where. Because I am following the steps and cannot achieve the results.

    I have attached the screenshots of the steps I followed. In this case I tried to put the year totals in the front as I already have it where I want it to be. I tried to see whether your steps will work.

    What I noticed is when I select "After", the "Group at end" is slightly greyed out also. I clicked "NEXT" and then "UPDATE". Nothing changed.  May be I am in the wrong page where I am trying to make the change.


    I even changed the pivot view so that only the line item "Volumes" is displayed and went thru the same steps.

    Thanks for all your help.


  • Thank you so much