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Hello all

I am new to this community and want to start learning Anaplan from foundation. Where should I start? I am trying to enroll for Level 1 certification but not allowing me to move ahead in On demand learning option and instructor led training has fees per class and not showing how many classes are needed? Thank you 


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    I started the MB Level 1 but had to apply for access to the databases. They mentioned that due to heavy volume of training that there was limited supply of licenses for training? Is there a way to see how much longer I have to wait? I would like to complete MB1 sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance!

  • I have no idea about it as I applied for free 90 days trial version today only and there is a waitlist.
  • Yeah I applied a couple weeks ago for that 90 day trial and still nothing 😞

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    Yes there is a waiting period and this waiting period is subject to volume/demand that Anaplan foresees for this program.

  or are the two emails that you can use to seek response on your query