Training questions


Hello all

I am new to this and want to start learning level 1 model builder. How many classes are required for it and how much is the cost? On instructor led training, it shows class registration with fees of $1750, is that a fee for one class? Please guide. Thank you .



  • @Shahenaz 


    WYou can get started here. Request for free access by using 90 day free trial program

    Access the Anaplan platform free for 90-days.


    Post which you can log into and start your Level 1 all by yourself.


    But if you want to go for instructor led classes then yes it will be paid service and the amount that you have mentioned looks like for the entire Level 1 course and not just for one class


    Hope that helps


  • Thank you for your response. I see registration for one day class only with that amount. Is it able to be completed in 6 hours in one day? Thanks

  • @Shahenaz 


    Yes you can complete it!

  • Ok thank you. How long normally takes if you chose on demand? Thank you again 

  • @Shahenaz 


    Well it depends. On an average you can get it done within 8 hours.

  • Understood, there is exam after that to earn certificate I believe. Thank you for all insights