Level 1 Activity 13




I was building the Forecast Month chart card. But I wanted the label displayed on the left axis instead of right, but I did not seem to be able to select the axis. Could you please advise how to choose the left axis instead?


Many thanks



  • @Chau 


    You should be able to get the option. Make sure that the line items are in Rows and the Time is in Columns in the module that you are using to generate the chart.




  • Hi @Misbah 


    My setting was correct; line items are in Rows and the Time is in Columns.

    I still am able to chose left axis; the drop down axis only shows right axis and there is no other selection to choose left axis. Did I miss something here?




  • Maybe system has the problem so did you try create an other new page. Because I try to get right axis like you but no way I always get left one I don't know how you're getting right axis it is so interesting 

  • @benkoz75 


    You are absolutely right! I recreated the chat, and this time I found the left axis! 

  •  I'm happy to hear that 👍