Suppress plotting All Roles on the chart



I successfully completed my Level 1 Model Builder exam early this morning. However, I am a bit disappointed that I could not get to suppress the "All Roles" data from being plotted on the graph even though I put in a couple of hours during my exam to get this sorted out - frustrating to say the least. I need to get this before I move on to the Level 2 or else I have a feeling it is going to come and haunt me down the road. I intend to go over the UX pages section from the LI MB course once again.


I clicked the edit icon on the top right hand corner and then selected the edit icon for the chart card and then clicked the 'View" to access the data source. Then from the custom view I tried filtering and hiding (separately). When I hide the "All Roles" row from the data table it gets suppressed in the view but when I click "update" the "All Roles" data is plotted.


Also when I update the chart card the context selector gets turned on though I have clicked on the gear icon and turned it off.


I could also not change the text color to blue on the text card even though I changed it on the configuration section.

Appreciate your help.