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Is it possible to put a calendar wherein I can choose the specific month or date in the New UX pages? if possible, how?




Thank you!

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  • Misbah
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    Not exactly. But you can get the calendar in below format.

    Just create a field card and have it as Date format.







  • @Misbah 


    Hi, can it be connected with the data in the NUX page?


    Thank you.

  • @nicoledawis 


    The way you want it  - No

  • ,

    Just wanted to know how to view a specific data based on the date ranges selected from the field card.

    For example, I have a grid of data with "n" no. of Line items. I just need to view specific data against the selected time range from the above card. Like we have 2 field cards where user is inputting "FROM Date" & "TO Date" & user need to see all the entries between the selected dates.

    Note: The dates which user is going to select will be also one of the line items in the grid.

    Can u help me in this linkage??


    Muizz S.