numbered list function




I want to hide the top level of the items to be added by the function in the numbered list.

This is a function that can be done by selecting Form in the Create Action card.

Can we do it?


Please help.


  • Hi - you can't actually use dependent dropdown for this. I tried and submitted a support ticket as it did not work as I expected. The reply that I got was that as the item has not been actually created in the list yet, the formula for the dependent dropdown line item doesn't occur, and the dependent dropdown won't work as expected. 


    Unfortunately I don't have a good workaround this yet either - the suggestions I received from support included applying conditional formatting and a warning to users when they select invalid options.  

  • How about using a subset? 

    Or a separate list without a top level and then mapping this back to the original?

  • Subset doesn't work here, due to the summary item being included in the subset as well. 


    Flat/separate list works, but just another thing to think about! That's a good option though if it's crucial functionality though.