ALM Workshop Recap


We brought @BeccaR back to help us demystify ALM - particularly Hotfixes / Back to the Future! Materials are posted here.



Looking for additional resources on ALM? Check out these Best Practices! 

To get started, we recommend reading these articles:

  1. What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  2. ALM Explained Part 1 - Compatibility
  3. ALM Explained Part 2 - Testing
  4. ALM Explained Part 3 - Avoiding Data Loss

Additionally, take this micro-lesson and this e-learning class.

Once you get more comfortable, let’s dig a little deeper with the following:

  1. Setting Production Lists
  2. Version Settings as Production Data
  3. Production lists and ragged hierarchies’ logic
  4. Revision Best Practices
  5. Managing Frequent Structural Changes During Development
  6. Model Load, Save and Rollback
  7. Save Incomplete Changes when Synchronizing in ALM

And for the UX, make sure you are leveraging our recommended ALM Best Practices for Apps.