Line Item View Selection based on List dropdown



I have to show only 1 relevant line item on the Dashboard based on the page selection. I have showed in the Test screenshot below.




Like in above module if I want to show only Line item 1 if I select List Item 1 from the above dropdown and if I select List Item 2 from above then I can see Line Item 2 when I published this on the dashboard. Can anyone help How can I achieve this.


Best Answer

  • Hi @Saurabh092808 ,


    So what you would have to do is the following:


    1. Create line item subset's for the module in question


    2. Add the module and Line items to the selection:



    3. Add a filtering module where you show which line items have to showed once you select the list item:



    4. Mapp the items:


    5. Use this module to filter your results: 


    6. Then depending on your selection the mapped Line Item will show up: 



    Hope I understood the use case and this helps. Although this got me thinking if you actually need either both line items or the dimensions? Because one might always be hidden. 




  • Hi @Saurabh092808 ,


    You should create a Line Item Subset. Then you will be able to map the items to your list and build a filtering logic. 


    This will only work with Line Items that are formatted as numbers, as you can't create a line item subset for a non-numbered line item. 


    Hope this helps. 



  • Can you help How and What filtering Logic i have to apply, as i want to view few line item only based on the list page selector.