Test as End Users


From Requirement:

When it comes to Selective Access, each individual will have the following access: 

  • Product Family Managers
    • Edit only their assigned Product Family. 
    • View the information for other three Product Families.
  • Account Demand Managers
    • Edit only their assigned customer accounts.
    • View the information for other customer accounts. 

 My Problem is whatever account I select in UX page it is editable for every account..

In Users Tab even if I have given read acces to account 'metaCandy'. it is still editable ..





  • Hi @AmitK 


    What is the dimension of the Growth percentage increase grid? looks like it’s by product family only, I can’t see any account hover for page selector at top of the right hand side & you have setup  the selective access for account.

    Try to setup the selective access for product family & check it should work.


    Hope this help



  • AmitK_0-1632079885276.png

    Added Selective accers for All Product , and given write access to Account Demand Manager .


    In UX page there is an an option for account selection..

    where else should I check ??