Help me with 7.2.1 Activity: Import Data into Product Details Module

Hi All.


I am brain storming with this issue from last 12 hrs and checked all possibilities to do Import Data into Product Details Module task.

I deleted my SYS06 module and recreated and checked if the formulas in line items are correct etc. 

Also check size list under general lists. 

I attached all the screen shots required from my model. Please can someone throw some light on this and how can I move forward. 


Balarama Krishna


Best Answer

  • Hi @krishnadbr 

    Your mapping doesn’t look correct.

    option 1) You can select “ Column header” instead of size & go to Sys product detail line item & map the line item

    option 2) select fixed line item & select the line item under sys product detail line item.


    Hope this will help