DEM01 Volume Growth Rates - Import issues




I am having some issues re- uploading the data to module DEM01 Volume growth rates.


The current view that I have is the following and is not picking up the growth rates by product category. 




However when i do the import, it shows as it has been successful.


See below my selection and successful screenshot message 






Any idea of what could be wrong, so that I cannot see the values imported into the module?






  • Not sure; when you run the import, do the data in the other tabs seem to line up correctly with their targets?

  • No, i doesnt. It seems like is just picking up the totals but not the detail by product category
  • Yeah, it's definitely filling in the totals for everything. 

    Your Import screen looks the same as mine. 

    Your time is set to Periods and Y-M?

    P1 Product Family is mapped?

    Line Items is Growth %?


    If these are all t he same, maybe it's something with the module itself?

  • Hi,


    Your time is set to Periods and Y-M? Yes, YY-MMM

    P1 Product Family is mapped? Yes maps correctly

    Line Items is Growth %? Yes


    All seems to be in place and it shows that the import has run successfully. 


    Any ideas of what else can be the issue and how to solve it?



  • I think the line item you are trying to import into does not contain the P1 list as I can see it is a subsidiary view from the screenshot.

    Try looking in the applies to in the blueprint and check that the 'Growth %' line item contains the correct dimensions.


  • You should change the language on import screen (where are time options ) - on the right hand side.

    So, for time settings, first choose Y-M in the first window, and then, on the right hand side, change the language for months names to English, it will work.