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Hi, I would like the users only to see the Dashboards, is it possible to hide the underlaying Modules for the users? Regards Fredrik


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    You need access to the underlying module to see the view on a dashboard, so I am not sure Peter's solution will work.  There is a future platform enhancement coming out that will allow workspace admins to hide modules from a user's view.  This enhancement is slated for 1H'14.



  • I tested this process using a demo model and a second ID.  I added a NO VIEW MODULES and assigned this role to the second ID.  I then only saw the 2 dashboards I had access to see.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Peter,

    This sounds interesting but I did´t understand all steps, could you give me a more detailed explanation?


  • Under the settings tab, in USERS, I created a new ROLE called NO VIEW MODULES.  Then in the ROLES>MODULES tab in USERS I set all Modules to NONE.  

    Next, in the USERS tab of USERS, I set an ID to assume the ROLE.  Based on this setting, my test user's access to the Model removes all Module access, but he is able to see and interact with the Dashboards.

    Hope this helps,

  • The Content Filter feature now available allow you to give a user a dashboard only view based on their role.