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Can we somehow have different logic for Display Name for different List Subset?


I have a module with lets say "SS:AS" subset of a list "A" as a dimension and a line item called Name. I want the display name to be changed in accordance with the Name that is entered. I don't want an import. The display  name property that I have in my list "A" is been imported for other list members. Is there any way I can achieve this 


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  • KirillKuznetsov


    Unfortunately, you can't have various display names for different subsets. But you can create a mechanism to switch between naming with IF {switcher} THEN {Display Name v1} ELSE {Display Name v2} logic. This will trigger naming globally no matter where this list/subset used but at least users could have some flexibility.

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  • Amaya
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    Hi @Soumyajaiswal ,


    How about making intermediate module for the Display names.


    Now you have 'module X' which has "SS:AS" as a dimension, and there is line item 'module X'.name.

    1. Add boolean line item "SS:AS subset?" in the 'module X'. Its formula will be "TRUE" 
    2. Make 'module Y' which has "A" as a dimension, and two line items 'Name Import' and 'Display Name'

    3. Import the display names to 'module Y'.'Name Import' instead of the list property.

    4. The formula of 'module Y'.'Name Import' will be "IF 'module X'.'SS:AS subset?' THEN 'module X'.name ELSE 'Name Import'.

    5. Set list item property to the 'module Y'.'display name' line item.


    module Xmodule Xmodule Ymodule Y


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  • Hi @Soumyajaiswal,


    You can achieve this by creating a list property which combines the two name and reflects the result as required. I have created a numbered list Test11 with any 4 items out of which I have included 2 in its subset and created the module Display name selector with that subset as the dimension. The Combined Display name property created of the list is used to reflect Display name of the items. Please refer to the images below:







  • @Soumyajaiswal 

    What you are after is not possible as a subset is merely a selection from a larger list. This larger list can only have one display name property. 

    Also, if you need to change the name of the subset list items then it is effectively not the same item that exists in the master/larger list.

    The only way to achieve the outcome you desire is to create a new list and update the new display name property. You can retain a mapping back to the original list in the form of a list formatted property of the master/larger list for modelling purposes. 

    The logic of what you are trying to achieve does not stack up!

  • Thanks!
  • Thanks! Yes I created one line item in the module referenced by that list and used the IF else Condition and accordingly changed the display name. 


    Thanks for the reply!

  • I did the exact same thing, Thanks for the reply Amaya!