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Hi All, 


I am using a dummy time list with a US format MM/DD/YYYY. However, when I am exporting the data in a csv format, it is randomly showing me dates in either MM/DD/YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY. I think it is because my system is trying to read it as a date format, which is making it pick up dates when the Dates are within 12. Is there a workaround for it? I do want to export a csv only and also want to keep using this format 😕 

Or will it be fine when my client uses the export since their system would have the US date setup. 

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  • AlejandroGomez

    Hi @ankit_cheeni , 


    as @andrewtye  mentioned, Excel sometimes is a bit "too clever", so opening the file with notepad or a similar program should help.


    Anyways, I took the time to record a super short video to explain how Anaplan uses the date format from your browser and how Excel uses the date format from your computer's settings. So, the date is always the same, but the way it is displayed depend on your Browser and your System's settings. A image is worth thousand words:

  • ankit_cheeni

    Hi @Sampriti.Anand  


    That is pretty much all we can do I think. I have kept the format in sync with the client system to ensure they don't face the issue. Will check by changing my system settings once.


  • If you open the file into notepad or similar the "format" should hold ok, if you're opening it into Excel then it'll try and be too clever!

  • Hi @ankit_cheeni,


    This is a common issue faced in Anaplan. We have also faced a similar issue with one of our client. However, as suggested by Anaplan team the best format is to use the DD-MM-YYYY format in Anaplan and to have the same as your laptop time settings, then file when downloaded will not get corrupt and will never give any trouble else you might have to look for an alternative.



  • Hi @AlejandroGomez @andrewtye 

    Your point makes sense to open it in notepad or a similar program but that is not a very clean way of using an export/import for the end-user. I will try to change the settings and see how it would show up for the users. Thanks so much!