Struck at L1M1 12.4.6 Activity: Create Saved Views for Employee Expenses


Hi All,


I am struck at this. The training materilas asks 

Create a new saved view: 

  • Pivot the view: 
    • Pages: E2 Employees#: Active? 
    • Columns: Time
    • Row: Line Items 
  • Filter: Show Forecast Months only
  • Save and name the view: Forecast Periods

My Pivot shows 


In my saved view everything is showing correct but I am not seeing FY year totals


The filters I added are as below.




Please can some one advise what is wrong and why I am not getting FY year coloumns for this view. 

My E2 Employee Expenses Module is showing FY year totals.



Please help.


Balarama Krishna

Best Answer

  • anand.shekhawat



    FY summary is not visible because you have applied the filter to show months only. If you remove or untick the filter, it will be visible to you.




  • Thanks Anand,


    One more small question. Can I add E2 Employees#: Active? directly to pivot without filter or should this be done via filter option only? Please advise.



    Balarama Krishna

  • @krishnadbr 


    Anaplan is a very flexible and robust tool. You can achieve a particular functionality by multiple approach. If you feel it's correct and gives you what you want than surely go for it.

    But for the certifications I would advice you to follow the steps given in the training material religiously. 


    I hope it helps