saying invalid formula


can someone tell the exact problem in the formula



  • @Nehal1511 

    Looking at the error it seems that you have not created 'Unit Price %' line item in the REV04 Price Growth Rate Module. 

    Also check the second Lookup that you have applied, try to match it with the second screenshot that you have attached.

    It will then work



  • @Nehal1511 

    Don't copy paste the formula. Try to refer the line items

  • i have created the line items in REVO4 Price Growth Rate module then also it is not working
  • @Nehal1511 

    Its REV04 and not REVO4. Kindly get a clarity whether it's 'Zero' or 'Alphabet O'



  • not working
  • sorry mistakely in reply i wrote o not 0
  • Attach the screenshot of the error, the line item that you have created in the module and the dimensions(blueprint view).



  • IMG_20210923_191253.jpg




  • Also attached the REV04 module
  • @Nehal1511 


    There is a space between 'Unit Price' and '%' in the formula. BUt the same is missing in the module that you have created.




    A free advice: It will be a good idea to use Snipping Tool that is provided by windows.


  • solved