Can I select two different child list with same parent in single module?


Hi All,

I have two different list with same parent. I want that two lists in one module but currently I am not able to select because it clashes with each other.


For e.g: 1) I have one list called Employee & Parent of that list is Group.

              2) And Have another list called Branch & also parent of that  list  same i.e Group.


I required that both lists i.e employee & Branch in same module . Is It possible to create?Any one have any idea?


Thank You.





  • No you cannot do that. The probable solution would be to create 3 Level of hierarchy as mentioned below


    Level 1 - Group 

    Level 2 - Branch (Set 'Group' list as Parent)

    Level 3 - Employee (Set 'Branch' list as Parent)


    It might solve your problem statement.



  • You can create a flat list for both list and add these to a module. Within the properties of the the flat lists map them back to the composite hierarchies. 

  • After you have created the two flat lists add these to a module and populate as per your forecast.

    Create a mapping module dimensioned by the two flat lists add line items formatted to the two different hierachies. Link these to the properties in each list formatted respectively to the corresponding hierarchies.

    Then in a summary module dimensioned by one of the two hierarchy lists you can then use the mapping module to SUM from the source containing the two flat lists into your hierarchy.

    Screenshots below to illustrate the set up;

    1. Create a module contain the two flat lists


    2. Create a mapping module dimensioned by the two flat lists and populate two line items formatted to the corresponding hierarchy list. Link the formula directly to the list formatted property of each flat list.



    4. Use this mapping to SUM into a target module dimensioned either by the Branch list or Employee list




    Now you can forecast across both dimensions and report up each hierarchy. 

    You should be able to automate the population of the list property using a property formula and FINDITEM or have this populate as you create the flat list from an import create via a systems module of the corresponding hierarchy list. Add the action to create these flat lists to the list building process used to create the primary lists.



  • Thank you Chris for you Inputs. I got your point.