Sprint 1 Importing Data



When I import country data it is not rolling up to the parent. I have configured the parent in the G2 Country list but it does not roll up after the import.


I have attached a couple of screenshots to show the same.


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  • @Jacob3 


    Thanks for posting.


    If you are correctly identifying during the importing process the code, country name and parent. The list should get automatically updated.


    Having said that, could you please check that the elements in G1 Region have been imported and the code for each is included? At the end, that spreadsheet will be connecting those codes with G1 Region. 


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    Bruno Rodriguez

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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @Jacob3 


    It seems like while importing the Country List, you are not defining the parent correctly on the import screen. Kindly define the parent and run the import again.




  • @Jacob3 

    As well as defining the parent in the list configuration tab you also need to map the parent data in the csv import to the parent property in the list.

    Once you do this the child list items will be accurate assigned to a parent. 

  • Hi,

    Thanks all @ChrisAHeathcote , @anand.shekhawat , @BrunoRodriguez 


    Conceptually I understand where the problem lies. I do not see an option to map the country to the region while importing.


    Thanks for your help in advance.


  • You map to Parent in the list....
  • Hi Chris,


    I thought I did that. Please see attached screenshot.