Delete from List using Selection: Do not see my delete/boolean line item in the picklist



I'm trying to create a delete action utilizing the action option "Delete from List using Selection." However from the setup box, in the picklist "Select using", I do not see my boolean line item. 


Are there parameters published somewhere as to what would prevent a line item being visible in the picklist? Here are my module details in case anyone knows off-hand if any of these would be blockers:


Dimensioned by two lists:

 - list 1 is the one I want to delete lines from. It is  a numbered list and has a parent. 

- list 2 is a numbered list and has a parent. 


The boolean line item is simple formula checking to see if there is a value =0 in another line item. 

Selective access is turned on for the lists but I have access.






Best Answer

  • dameyer01

    @michael.chefer To use the Delete from List using Selection action, the referenced Boolean must be in a module dimensionalized by only that one list (and line items, of course). Is it necessary for your module to have the two lists in the dimensions? If yes, you'd need to create a staging module that's flattened to the one list which references your current module.


  • Use a systems module containing the boolean where the target list is the only dimension in the module.

    You can still use the original module to drive the boolean value in the system module. But the system module must be the one driving the selection. 

  • Hi @michael.chefer 

    It is necessary to have a module with that list only in the dimension from which you want to delete items based on the criteria you create in the line item.