Level 2 Sprint 3 3.4.4 Activity: Create Stock Exceptions Review UX Page - SKU Product detail

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While Creating UX page as per instruction I have problem with 3rd view


How Can I get Stock exeption at product SKU level , where as my module has Product Family ?


My Module is 






  • ClauN
    edited December 2023

    I think should identify the dimensions of your source and your target module.

    Your source module probably have a dimension : Product SKU.

    Your target module have a dimension : Product Family.

    You should find a way to map the Product SKU to the Product Family.

    You will probably be able to do that by using a SYSTEM module where you can find the Product Family information of a Product SKU.

    Don't forget to check the summary of your line item in your source module

    Let us know if it solved your problem