Level 2 Conclusion - Assign Currencies to Countries




I'm facing issue in this activity while mapping. Please help. Attaching the screenshot. Thanks in advance.



  • @akssaju 


    Keep the Parent Column Blank in your import mapping and just map Name and Code.  You have made it as a hierarchical list by mapping Parent to Country. Currency is always a Flat List



  • @Misbah  Thank you for the reply. I tried that but still showing the error.

  • @akssaju 


    What kind of error? Any Screenshot.

    Also show how does your list look like and the format of any property as well



  • @Misbah 


    I'm sorry this is my activity name Create Country Currency List. I'm attaching the screenshot without parent.



  • Given that there is both a code and country name for each currency, when mapping unselect "code only" and choose "name or code".