13.6. am i wrong at somewhere??


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  • Misbah
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    Time in Context Selectors - Hide it

    Column Chart - You shouldn't take FY numbers into consideration while creating a chart. Apply a filter to select only Months on to the source module and then use charts



  • ChrisAHeathcote

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  • if you don't mind can please explain me it in briefly...it will be helpful for me
  • @Nehal1511 


    See this


    On FY20, go to page designer mode, click on wheel icon next to FY20 context selectors and hide it 

    Forecast Margin by Month graph- Open the source module and apply the filter, Pick the filter from SYSTime module which displays Monthly Only. Save the filtered view and use that for graph



  • still not matching with it2021-09-28 (3).png2021-09-28 (2).png

  • @Nehal1511 

    Line chart looks ok.

    I can still see FY numbers in the column chart.  Do you see that?




  • @Nehal1511 

    Use the SYS00 module, line item Forecast Months Only in a filter to remove the FY items from the column chart.

  • worked thank you so much
  • its working thank you so much