Reselecting Line Items to show in the UX for Boards and Worksheets

  • Current build does not allow the user to add/remove items to worksheets that mirrors the functionality in the classic models.  If the line item is not included in the worksheet, you can not add a line item that is in the module that is used to create the worksheet. 
    • We built the dashboards in the classic models with additional metrics that the users can select to pull into their dashboards on demand and also remove metrics to their saved dashboards. 
    • Anaplan did supply a method of accomplishing this, but the actions are not what our typical user can navigate thru to mirror the functionality.
      • This would cause a level of frustration and could lower the adoption of the new UX.
      • Anaplan’s suggestion is to:
        • Boards-Make use of My Pages for this. If you edit the main grid or card and use View Designer to show/hide (end users can do this for My Pages).
        • Worksheets- No work around identified

If anyone in the community has any suggestions, please post here.


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    If you use a worksheet instead of a board you can allow users to select the line items they want.


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    If all of the metrics that you want to show vs Hide are Number format, then you can filter the line items by creating a Line Item Subset and having the User select what metrics they want to display. 


    In this case, I have my data module, which is where the LIS is being created from. I create the LIS, and then simply have a line item dimensionalized by that LIS and potentially user. I am then applying that line item based on the current user as a filter to the data module.  As the user selects or deselects metrics it shows and hides them from the data module: 


    Now I have Deselected 7,8,9,10 and you can see the data module is filtered accordingly: 


    And one more configuration showing when a user selects several that are not in sequential order: 



    I might argue this is, even more, user-friendly than having them show/hide things on their own. The obvious call out here is that this is limited to Number formatted lines only.


    Hope this helps.