REV02 Importing Issue

Hi all,

I am having issues with mapping time on the REV02 Volume inputs.

The time mapping is showing error.

See attached.

Guide me please.




Best Answer

  • Hey!


    There are two little nuances in this import.

    • In the first window, where you import a file, you can define the row and column to start. Please check below.



    • Then, you need to make a couple amendments to the way you were importing, please check below:



    Time: Column headers, you can see that it is on top. Note that you need to code it as YYYYMM in the time tab.

    Location: Fine

    Product: Fine

    Volume: Fixed line item


    Remember to check each of the tabs to make sure the mapping is taking place correctly!


    Hope that helped!


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez