Doesn't match 'Check your work' screenshot

I don't know how it happened but my model does not match the 'Check your work' screenshot. Specifically, the Default Forecast is not calculating the same, which makes the Initial Demand Forecast incorrect. Then there is the issue of the Initial Demand Forecast not updating in 2021. 


  • @bmartino 

    Formula in Default forecast line item is wrong. You have added the growth rate to baseline when you should be uplifting the baseline with 1%.


    So the formula in default forecast should be 

    Baseline * ( 1 + Growth rate)

    and Not

    Baseline + Growth rate


    Hope that helps


  • Yes! I thought I put parenthesis and didn't! Thank you! Issue.PNGFixed.PNG

  • Hi @bimartino,

    Glad to see that you got the desired result as per the check you work ss.

    I need your assistance here, could you please assist me to get the same.

    Actually "Override Forecast" line is not getting grad out when Override? is not checked.
    Please let me if I am missing any thing .

    Mohammed Irfan