Add items using action button in new UC for the selected hierarchy


Hello Team,

I am facing an issue where i am working on list with hierarchy Plant>> Building>> Process>> Scenarios. I have imported the table in UX and using context selector i am on the view specific for process (lets say A). This table have Process A and 3 scenarios below it.

Using Add button, i want to add 4th Scenario in this process A. But when i am trying it, the list item is getting added as Orphan.

Please note, i dont want ask user to input parent again, as he/ she is already going to select the Context Selector accordingly.

Please help.


Thank you.



  • Hi, @SuhasDesai .

    For the list hierarchy, you might need to check the set list of the Action Card, as it might set to Process, instead of Scenario.

    I think you still need to require the user to include Parent when adding a list item. Otherwise, the new entry list item will not have a Parent (Orphan).

    The workaround I can think of is creating a picklist having default Scenario Names (e.g. Scenario A, Scenario B, etc.), then use Assign Function, instead of adding new list item from scratch. In this way, the user will select the parent item in the UX, a popup window appears and just select which Scenario Name/s he/she wants to assign.

    Hope this helps.