Date format differs while exporting a file in different type of system (eg.MS Excel and Open office)



We have been facing a strange issue while exporting a file from Anaplan in two different systems.


The time dimension format differs when we import a file in MS Excel and Open office.


Is it true that if we implement a project for a customer everyone in the team should have only one type of system ( either MS excel or Open office )?


For example: In the open office it will be the same as Match names 



Whereas in MS Excel it MM-DD-YYY






  • @Richa123 


    Not confident on this but I would believe so. 


    This problem may arise only if you are using Periods like MMM YY etc. Having said that I feel that it should be uniform across all systems. Let me tag @MarkWarren 




  • The name matching has to be in the format "MMM YY", so in Excel you'd need to set that as a custom formatting. There can be some differences between systems in how they format dates but most systems will allow for a numeric date output which is more commonly recognized. Just a minor thing that Excel has decided to put in a hyphen in their format of "MMM-YY".
    Unfortunately Anaplan doesn't allow for a custom name format here, so has to be done at source.

  • Thank you, Will try this approach.

  • Change the custom format to "mmm yy" in excel like this