Anaplan Connect Import Error - Unmatched Delimiter Character Due to Double Quote and Underscore


Dear Community,


I observed two causes for the error 1) double quote 2) underscore. 


My questions are: 


1. It seems I do need to use delimiter for my load. Is there a way to clean the data before the load without putting restriction at the user data entry point?


2. why would underscore cause this error 


Below is a post from David Smith which I found very helpful for me to identify the issue.


Thank you so much for your help. 




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  • mburdak
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    I assume that you are already using Anaplan Connect, if so you can edit your import batch scripts to clean data before running the import.


    The easy way if your system has Powershell(Windows 7 or newer have this built-in) is to call the powershell command "-replace" from your batch script which will help you replace any characters/strings with your desired characters/strings.



    powershell -Command "(gc myFile.txt) -replace 'dog', 'cat' | Out-File -encoding ASCII myFile1.txt"

     This line will replace all the 'dog' that exist in myFile.txt to 'cat' and save the file as myFile1.txt.


    powershell -Command "(gc myFile.txt) -replace 'dog', '' | Out-File -encoding ASCII myFile2.txt"

    If we don't provide empty single quotes as the second string then it will remove 'dog' from myFile.txt and save it as myFile2.txt.


    The myFile.txt needs to exist in the same folder as the batch script for this to work. If they exist in different folders you can use 'cd' command before this command to go to your text file location, and then use 'cd' again to come back to your script location.


    I hope this helps,

    Good luck