Multiple Models in NUX Management Reporting?



I was really excited about the prospect of having a report that could have multiple Anaplan source models.


We have separate models for daily detailed customer/product sales information, monthly financial reports such as the P&L, and HR for headcount information. I want to create a single report in the NUX for a Branch Manager so they can see all this information together.


But it seems that only one model, selected in the dropdown, pulls data into the slides at any one time? The slides linked to models not selected, display the "You do not have access to this card" error until you change the dropdown. This data then appears, and the previously populated tables change to "You do not have access to this card" .


Am I doing something wrong?

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  • Sheethal
    Answer ✓
    Alternatively, for now, you can built a new reporting model which pulls necessary data from individual daily / monthly / P&L / HR models & use the reporting model to build your Pages/Slides.