2.3.13 Activity: Action Card


I'm having trouble with the Global Demand Forecast UX.

One of the items which should be added to the UX appears to be an action card for importing data. However, the card type is not available, and the page (and video) states "Note that Actions cannot be added to personal My Pages; they can only be added by a Page Builder to an App page."


So how am I supposed to add this feature if all my class work is in My Pages?


  • Hello @jadefortunato,

    Why are you using my pages instead of page builder access to do the training. I'd ask the admin of your workspace to give you a page builder role.

    As far as I know, you can't use Action Cards in "My Pages"

  • That was just how I started? Where was I supposed to start?

  • Hello @jadefortunato ,

    You should ensure that you have a Page Builder access. This is something only the workspace admin. can grant you.
    You should be able to see the Create an App button as in the screenshot below


    This should be where you start to develop your App.


  • I requested page builder access. Thanks, I'll keep you posted!

  • @jadefortunato  If you are on 90 day free trail program then I don't think you will be given page builder access but if you are not then you need to get access as @einas.ibrahim



  • Apparently we will not get it and everyone else in the class just skipped the action card.

  • yes you can skip it. 

  • So apparently this is more of an instructional design issue: the curriculum probably has a learning outcome that involves adding an action to the UX, but the students don't have pagebuilder access and so can't.

  • yes, you are right, its just for the sake of knowledge.