Anaplan Connect - Running the proccess/imports


Hi All,


I need your help regarding process or imports in anaplan connect. In the import or process when any of mapping is selected as ' ask everytime  while import'. How can we complete that process or import successfully using Anaplan connect


  • You can use the "-mappingproperty" parameter to do this.

    So you would add: -mapping property Dimension:Value
    With Dimension and Value being whatever is being asked at the prompt.

    • It will be helpful if you provide something realated to it as reference 
  • Hi Sai,


    I think that while you create the import process you select the mapping as "ask each time import is run", so when you run the action a window will appear and ask which dimension you need specifically. You will be able to see that pop up message while the action is run from a button in the New UX as well.

  • Are you asking for a reference to setting he replied with?  It's in the Anaplan Connect user guide. Should be around page 59.