Oracle EPM Suite Integrations with Anaplan


What is the best way to integrate Anaplan with an EPM Suite Product (Specifically essbase freeform)?

Data will be moving back and forth between the two applications. 


Today we have Essbase on prem and integrate it with Anaplan by exporting files, scheduling( Control M) & importing (informatica).


We are upgrading to EPM Suite Essbase Freefrom. 


  • Hey 


    It really depends on the knowledge you have in-house vs. your appetite for having a brand new iPaaS solution.  You have a couple of solutions:

    • Anaplan Connect (script file)
    • iPaaS solutions (Informatica Cloud, MuleSoft, SnapLogic, Boomi)
    • Workiva who purchased One Stream (uses API's but has a great wrapper around it)
    • REST API's - totally custom code


    The benefit with iPaaS and Workiva, they already have connectors created to access systems that are not Anaplan.


    Hope this helps,



  • Rob - thanks for the reply,


    We have pretty skilled integration resources. We prefer direct integrations. We have informatic cloud & heavily leverage that today with Anaplan and our other source/target systems. Whether that is direct connection via other applications or file transfer & pick up with informatic cloud. Our security will not allow us to use Anaplan connect, but we use the Anaplan connectors. 


    So for Anaplan to/from Oracle EPM Cloud Suite (specifically freeform essbase), do you recommend us seeing if informatica cloud has a EPM suite connector & if they do we should be able to use informatica via anaplan connector & EPM Suite connector?



    Yes, absolutely.