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Hello Community!


I´ve been working with Anaplan for several years now and whenever I´ve needed to change the import file for an import action I´ve just created the action again using the new file. This usually isn´t a problem so I haven´t given it a second thought but what if you had 15 actions that are included in several processes and the source file name changes for some reason? Let´s say from revenue.csv to netsales.csv. The content is identical, only the name changes. 


So the question is, is there a simple way to change the name of a source file? Or do I always need to redo the action?



- Kalle

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  • nikolay_denisov

    Hi Kalle,

    I've tried to figure out if possible to do so. And it seems that is possible.

    What is needed - just to go in your Actions folder to Manage Data Sources. Double click on a Source name (file name) and update it:

    1) Test import refers to Test_File name

    Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 15.23.53.png

     2) We have import datasource with test File

    Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 15.24.05.png

     3) Double click on datasource name and rename it

    Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 15.24.23.png

     4) Import refers to new proper name

    Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 15.24.34.png

    It seems that the import definition adjusted to the new name. But I would suggest to be careful with such changes.


    PS. I've never changed datasource names as they would be needed only the first time you define the import.

    * If you publish action on pages (like button) it will ask you to locate the file on your local machine, which could be a different name,

    * If you will automate integration (ex with Anaplan Connect) you could refer to any file and then you will call proper import. 


    Hope it will help.


  • @Kalle 


    If the name of your source file changes then you will have to create a different import action every time you want to load the data.


    It would be lot better if you keep the name pf the source files same, so that you don't have to create new imports every time. All you have to do is change the import data source of the imports.


    For more info here is the article written by me

    Imports and Import Data Sources as Production Data - Anaplan Community



    Hope that helps


  • @Misbah 


    So that´s a no? 😃. I´m not saying that the file names change very often. When the model is in production and the integrations have been finalized, it´s all good. I´m referring to a common (at least for me) scenario where the implementation starts before the integrations have been sorted. For example, we get manually derived partial data to be able to start developing and at a later stage we get the "actual" data from a DW through automated integrations. In this scenario it´s not uncommon that the file name changes for one reason or another.  



    - Kalle 

  • @Kalle 


    Yes, that's a valid argument. But unfortunately, to my knowledge, if the name of the import data source changes then the import action changes too.



  • If I understand your question correctly, you need not change the import processes if the file name changes. Instead publish the Process (which has all the 15 import actions) to a Dashboard. Then use the button to import the file. Advantage with this method is that the file name doesn't matter any more.
  • Hi Nikolay!

    This works! Thank you!
    I have previously tried to change the file name but when I´ve done this, I have had the new file already loaded into data sources. When you do this, Anaplan does not allow you to change the source label.
  • I have successfully used the method Nikolay recommended many times!   🙂   

    This is actually part of my normal process when automating a data import after it was completed manually the first time.  Don't need to change the setup or the file mapping... just the name!  This leaves all the actions using the data source as-is and Anaplan is smart enough to update the name throughout.


    Great Question & Great Answer!