Users List in a deployed mode


Hello everyone,

This issue was brought to my attention by a colleague. A model in a deployed mode allows us to add users one by one, but it doesn't allow us to "import" a file into the user's list.
This is the message we get


It is understandable that we can't alter lists that have not been designated as Production Lists because this constitutes a structural change.
User Lists is a special list. but I'd assume if we have to categorize it as a structural list or not it'll fall in the not structural list camp, because users should be able to alter this list (add/remove/edit) users during the lifetime of the model.

Does anyone know why we can't import a User's List into a deployed model while we can add users individually?


Best Answer

  • jasonblinn



    I believe that the reason that Anaplan is blocking you, in this case, is it is trying to create a new import and Data source which are both structural, as opposed to blocking you for editing the user list.


    I have done this in the past and the workaround (yes, it is tedious!) is that you create the import in DEV, then I always set both the data source and import to production data sources and Production Imports, run a sync to PROD, and then you have to load the file into prod through the import data source, and can then run the import. 


    Hope this helps!