How to add multiple comment box on grid card ?

How to add multiple comment box on grid card ?


  • please explain your requirement

  • My expectation is to have multiple comment boxes on the side, instead of 1 box
    (once I click on 1 P&L line, on the side a have a commentBridge.png box explaining the reason for each bridge section.

    Do you want to have a comment line item for each row (exp1, exp 2)? I'm still not clear on your ask.

  • Yes I want comment line for each column or reason explaining the variance.



    I feel I'm still missing something.
    If this is the case, and you are looking for a one-to-one relationship, then adding a line item in the module dimensioned by Exp1, Exp2,..... should achieve that.

    If you want MULTIPLE comments for one item of the list, then you have to create a child list to achieve this one-to-many relationship.