How to integrate Azure data factory and Anaplan


How can we use Azure data factory  REST API Connector to ingest data from Anaplan to Azure blob Storage? Is there any direct solution or links to this?


  • There is no out of the box connecter for this. One of the way to achieve this is to build an Azure functionality which can use Anaplan API's to fetch data from Anaplan & then store it as a blob.

  • @ParisSam 


    The data-factory doesn't seem to have much flexibility with the REST connections from what I have seen. Where I have built Azure integrations to blob, I found it easier to use a logic app, or power automate. 


    There is an Azure connector in early access coming in which will respond to blog storage events, and even without the connector I have found using the blobs as a trigger helpful as you can then use the when a blob is updated action to either trigger a flow into Anaplan, or from Anaplan into something else like SQL.