Update SYS07 Location Details Module


Hi All,


I completed this task and everything seems good. Except Location name not populated in the SYS07 location Details module. 

Please see the screenshots attached and advise everything is correct and I can move forward. 

I tried to Manually map location to code under 3rd tab but not able to do it. 

Someone please help me to move forward.


Balarama Krishna




  • @krishnadbr 


    That is Ok, need not worry about. Location details is ignored because there is no line item mapped against it in the module. The screenshot that you shared does not contain the 'location' line item in the module either. And when you observe closely, Location list is getting used as a dimension in this module.




  • I have done the same process as you but I get the Following errors.


    I have read on another post that I should change region and location to be just texts because they come as format list. I did that and it works but not sure if that correct.


    Besides the code doesn´t update also i have to manually map it, how did you make it so it auto match on the import window?

  • kebe

    Have you found a solution ? I 'm blocked here


  • Hello,


    My error was that when i imported the data for the flat list i didn´t imported the code section to the list. So  i had to import again the data for the 3 flat list in order for everything to be correct. once i uploaded correctly the line items that comes with the Code formula should auto populate.


    Hope this helps.

  • kebe

    thank you it is resolved 

  • I'm still blocked in this mapping:

    Could someone help me with this?